Saturday, October 3, 2009


I'm so bummed right now that I can't play along this year. :(
Here's why...I went to the hospital last night! Jake dragged me kicking and screaming, well more like sobbing and begging not to go. I'm now so glad that he made me and I'm on my way to being better. If I can sit here in bed and write this from my laptop, it just shows me how far I've come!
It started on Tuesday afternoon. I got a headache around 2 and then a little after 4 I started to get the body aches. I left work at 5 and as soon as I got home went to bed for a few hours. When I got up I still felt icky so I had some soup and took some tylenol. Jake said I felt really warm and took my temperature. I was running in the 100-101 range. I went to work Wednesday for a few hours (that's my normal check run day), and then went back home to go to bed again. Temperature was still 100-101 and I was still hurting all over. My throat was starting to hurt, as well as my ear. Thursday rolls around and I am even worse. I'm now running a 101-102 fever and my tonsils have swollen a lot. It hurt to swallow so of course that made staying hydrated a huge task. So I went to InstaCare and they were able to put me in an appointment slot which saved me a little money on my co-pay. I told the nurse all my symptoms, she ran a flu test on me (which is two swabs up your nostrils that sting!!) and said the doc would be in. So I tell the doc all my symptoms and I tell her my throat is REALLY hurting. She looks, said its red and left it at that. Then I tell her my ear is hurting and she said there was some fluid so to go get some Sudafed to clear that out. So then she says my flu test is negative, but that she's going to give me a prescription to help it along. Little did Jake and I know, but this costly little prescription isn't designed to treat the flu, but to lessen how long you have it. BIG difference!
So I spend a miserable day and night Thursday, and then came Friday. Worst day ever. I cannot think of a single instance in my life where I felt as horrible as I did Friday. Child birth, appendicitis, migraines...they can't compare at all! About 3 Jake called to check on me and told me to take my temperature. I'd been trying to drink lots of water and gatorade, but with my throat so swollen and hurting it was so hard. At the time he called, my fever was the worst it had been at 102.5. Jake told me to get ready because we were going to the hospital. I sobbed and begged him to not make me go. I whined to him..."but I drank all my gatorade, I really did!" He said since I'd had such a bad fever now for 3 days I was probably dehydrating and they needed to get saline in me to cool my body down. I really didn't want to go, but I'm so glad I did.
To finish up an already long wasn't the flu. Never was. That very first test proved it. If my doctor would have taken the time to listen to what I said hurt, and done an extra test, we would have found out what I really have...Strep Throat . I had all of these symptoms (except for the rash) and I told my doctor about every single one:
Difficulty swallowing
Fever that begins suddenly
General discomfort, uneasiness or ill feeling
Loss of appetite
Red throat, sometimes with white patches
Sore throat
Tender, swollen lymph nodes in the neck
So yes a very long and wordy post from me here, but I just wanted to take a minute (or more) to say why I'm not able to play along this year. I had some really fun ideas too, but I guess I'll just save them for another time. I hope everyone else is having a fabulous WCMD!!


Pat said...

Uugh....sure hope your feeling better...

susan opel said...

So sorry to hear about your awful, sick week. And I think that all of those great card ideas can still be used. Feel better soon!