Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bragging Rights....

Alright, I have to take a minute and interrupt the card craftiness for a little brag about my amazing and talented Momma! :) My Mother is one of the strongest women I know (thank you for that valuable lesson Mom!) and I'm constantly in awe of her. My Mom has been battling Lupus and several other auto immune diseases over the last few years, but still remains positive in spite of it all. One thing that has made a huge difference in her life has been picking up a new craft - beading.

She created a blog to document her Lupus story as well as share the jewelery she has been making. Mom's blog makes me laugh, cry, and appreciate her even more!! Recently she completed a gorgeous necklace for me, and an adorable set for my Gwynie girl to match a dress she'll wear for a school program. Anyway, she has some awesome pieces, and has set up and Etsy shop. Since they live in Florida her and my Dad are avid sea shell collectors and beach combers, which she incorporates into her necklaces! So many amazing sea shell pieces, and some dazzling beads! So go check it out! :)

One of my favorite pieces (available in her Etsy):
Of the Earth

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