Wednesday, September 16, 2009

World Card Making Day

No cards to share today (hopefully tomorrow!), but I did want to mention World Card Making Day! If you are a cardmaker you should be pretty familiar with this day. If not, have you been under a rock?! Just kidding! ;) World Card Making Day was created by Paper Crafts for all of us cardmakers to celebrate our awesome hobby! (Scrapbooking day is in May in case you were wondering!)

Last year, my friends Mel and Steph came over and we ate some good food, had a ton of laughs, and made 10 cards each! It was a super fun day and I hope to repeat more of that this year! :)

Check out the Blog Tour list. If you'll be doing something fun on your blog on October 3rd for WCMD, leave a link to your blog on the site so others can find you!

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