Friday, September 25, 2009

One More

Here is another card I'm submitting for the Embellish call. I love the idea of doing a color combo and I can't wait to see all the different cards that get picked! That's one of the best things about blog surfing for me...seeing how crafters can interpret ideas differently!

Again, no Kraft cardstock so my twine is my tie in on that. I used a fun little technique on this card that was seriously so entertaining to me. And in true fashion for me, I have a little back story on it. (I do back stories for my hubs and friends all the time and I think it drives them all crazy. I take 5 minutes just to set a story up, haha!)

Ok, so for those that know me, I am not a domestic person AT ALL. My husband actually does ALL the cooking. Yep, I am that lucky. (I was VERY lucky to find a guy that not only loved to cook, but turned out to be a darn good one!) I loathe cleaning (but then again who doesn't?), I can't cook (I've been know to burn rice), and I couldn't sew to save my life. However, the one thing I did sew was curtains for Brady's nursery...6 years ago, haha! Those curtains were so simple because I used a trick my Grandma taught me. She's an accomplished seamstress and told me about pulling the treads, or gathering, to make a ruffle. I can't remember exactly when she imparted this gem of knowledge to me, but it came back today as I was working with my ribbon. Thanks Gram! Its possible I've seen this in my blog surfing as well, hehe! ;) But the light bulb was lit and I went with it!

Anyway, long story short, to get the ribbon look on here, I took the top string of the double stitched ribbon and gently pulled while pushing the ribbon to the middle to create the ruffle. See, long story short, but that's my limited knowledge of how to do this and why it was so entertaining to me! ;)

So once I had the ribbon I was like, hmm, now what? Luckily it all came together after that and I'm happy with how it turned out! Gwynie said it looked like a little skirt!

Chocolate Chip
Misc: real red polka dot grosgrain, chocolate chip double stitched grosgrain, twine, button, felt flowers, Bazzil stitching template

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