Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cards For Heroes

I've heard a little bit about this program, but never really knew what you were supposed to do. I finally found out this week, and I'm super excited to start sending cards out for this! Basically, you ship cards to one of the shippers listed on the website ( and they then send a box of cards to the troops. The troops can then pick out whatever cards they want or need for birthdays or a simple "Thinking of You" card to send back home to friends, family and loved ones. What a great idea right?!
There are a couple specifics you'll want to pay attention to when making cards. One big rule is no glitter that flakes off. Glitter can get on their uniforms, and if they go out at night...well that glitter can make them a huge target in night vision goggles! There area few more helpful hints on the website if you decide you'd like to be part of this cool program!
Anyway, I'm really looking forward to sorting through all my cards and getting a box ready to go!

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