Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Projects!

Hope your 4th was a blast for those of you that celebrated it!
I have a couple projects I've been working on!
First is the Pocket Card! This is a card I had forgotten how much I loved until I made this one. I have a feeling I'll be doing a few more of these this weekend! ;) Its another very simple card, but has a little "WOW" factor to it because its unique. These are perfect for invites, but are also great for just little thank you's, thinking of you, birthdays, etc. Simply change the outside, decorate the inside panel, and write on the main insert!

Here are the basic instructions, but I also have a link for a picture turtorial here.

-Score a 4 1/4" x 11" piece of cardstock at 5 1/2".
-Score again at the 1 1/4" mark.
-Using Sticky Strip (red tape found at most craft stores, very durable) or strong adhesive, seal sides and fold over flap.
-Insert will be 3 1/4" by 5".

The next card is a Gel (Water) Card! I have never made these before so I played around with it a little first. There are actually so many things you can do with these cards! I'll show you mine, then I'll give you instructions via another tutorial link, and more ideas!

So this was my first attempt, and it definitely has some issues! I used blue hair gel, but to get a good blue, I had to use TONS of hair gel! Its way overfilled with gel, so I'll need to go back and empty a little gel out of it. The card itself is really, really, heavy, and its bulging a little so its not staying together well. I am going to try adding blue food coloring to some clear gel and see how that works, but for now, this is at least blue "water" and I'll try helping it out a little!

This is the second attempt, but with clear hair gel. I'm a little torn actually and I don't quite know which color I like best! I love the blue because it actually looks like water, but with the clear gel you can really see those cute little fishies!

Here are the two cards with the fishies side by side...what do you think? Which color do you like better?

Alright, so here are some ideas for other ways to do a gel card.....
-Ovals and Large circles for a full ocean or fishbowl
-Flowers in a jar/vase
-Honey in a jar
-A melted snowman (tehe I totally HAVE to make these!)

And a tutorial link... here.

Thenis a cute little 2,5,7,10 Box that I've decided will be turned into a Halloween box for my swap group! Its actually really easy to put together so making a few at a time goes by pretty quickly!

Here is a tutorial link for this box! All of these links are from Split Coast Stampers, one of my favorite resources for ideas and techniques.

So basically you will score an 8 1/2" by 11" sheet of cardstock at 2, 5, 7, and 10 inches. Turn the cardstock and score at 2" and 7". At this point you'll want to check out the tutorial for cutting instructions as its easier to see from the picture than written instructions on how to cut it and finish off the top.

Here is my box! I thought these would be great little snack holders for a BBQ! I have an invitation ready in the Pocket Card, and now these little boxes to hold goldfish (or other little snack food) in, so I'd be set for a little backyard BBQ with friends!

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