Saturday, July 18, 2009

How Fun!

Tonight I got to meet THE Kim Hughes. She's moving away from Utah so was going to be at a crop at my LSS. I had recently found her blog (YES I am that lame...) so I thought I'd leave her a little comment about being interested in swinging by the store. She was so sweet in her response that I knew I needed to stop by if just to chat and shop.

Kim is as sweet and warm and amazing in person as she is online. She's bubbly, quick to laugh, and made me feel so welcome as we chatted about life, and paper crafting. I'm sure I seemed like the TOTAL DORK I AM because I was just a little in awe of her, was a bit tongue tied, and felt like I was meeting a celebrity! :D

Kim also gave me some great advice about the industry and publishing. She told me exactly what I needed to hear and that was:
  • Getting published is HARD work!
  • Don't get discouraged. Keep submitting and you WILL get picked up at some point.
  • Submit, submit, submit!
  • Know your magazines.

So, as I took that first leap into publishing last month, I was thrilled to be able to talk to someone as experienced as Kim, and who, still to this day, gets excited, and is honored to have her work published. I know that I have been extremely grateful to Cards Magazine and Scrapbook Trends to have picked up my cards these last two months, and I know I'll always feel honored and awed at being published among some of the most talented ladies in the biz. So to say I'm looking forward to getting back in my craft room is an understatement after being inspired by her words.

I definitely needed to hear what she had to say, and it was just too fun to chat with her!

Kim, if you see this...I really hope you get that easy number in AZ, *wink* and GOOD LUCK on the move and all that the future has in store for you!

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