Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hem Hem!

In honor of the 6th Harry Potter movie out this week, I wanted to share a mini album I made for my sister this last summer. This was my favorite book (Half Blood Prince), and is now my favorite movie of the series so far! This also follows the Cinema Saturday Challenge for this week, how cool!

My youngest sister Cosplays as Dolores Umbridge from the Harry Potter books. She goes to conferences and is in a Harry Potter Fan Club. She will be the first to admit she's weird, but to each his own right?! She has met some great friends, and made lots of memories so I wanted to make her a scrapbook of all her Umbridge costumes. I love her costumes, and one day hope to go to one of these things with her just to soak it all in! She is a fantastic sister and she totally loved this!!

So here are all the pages I have done. This book was probably one of the hardest I've ever done for the simple fact that it was a theme album, unlike any themes I do for my kids! It was something that I couldn't just slap together because it had to be grown-up yet kiddish, and couldn't be all lightening bolts. I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Oh, also, not everything photographed well, so the colors might look a little off. Trust IRL that everything matches, lol. Everything is in order how they are in the book. I left a few places for her to add journaling.

The book I got for her. It's an 8x8 album, my first ever, and I stamped the name on front.

For this first page I wanted something that really brought all of Umbridge together, along with the photoshop Shae did on this picture. She really does love this character! I wanted to incorporate the love of cats Umbridge has and had been thinking of fur and a cat collar with charms...lucky me found them!

**This little collar and charms will be for my challenge requirement part of the challenge to incorporate an unexpected element in your creation!

Shae has different costumes for each day of her conferences. This is her version of the Book Dolores -cardigan and skirt.

This was a picture with another fan at a conference dressed as Rita Skeeter.

Another costume, this is what Dolores would wear to a Garden Party!

See above, second page to the layout.

Another shot of Garden Party Umbridge with Shae's HP Fan Club friends. Murietta Edgecombe (SNEAK written on her face) and Prof. McGonagall.

This is everyone's favorite costume! When Umbridge was attacked by the centaurs! She uses brown paint to make the dirt on her face and even made hoof prints on parts of the dress like she was trampled. The two flanking her are Fred (note the halo!) and George (note the missing ear!).

Signing an Educational Decree at a conference. Lol, I Googled 'Educational Decree' and this pic came up on someone's flickr, and it wasn't my sisters! She is actually very popular in her Wizarding Community! :) The background I am especially proud of! I scanned in the decrees from the book and then placed them in a Word document, set it to 8x8 and printed it off.

Umbridge poses with the other EVIL/Villanious characters at a conference. Slytherins, Snape, and Pettigrew were just some of the lot. Same paper as above, my first one that I didn't like as well, but it worked here since it got mostly covered. Instead of Devil Wears Prada...Evil Wears PINK!

I couldn't resist! Perfect photo opportunity and my chance to do a funny page. Paper printed with I must not tell lies in a scratchy font in bright pink.

If you've read the book you know Umbridge loathes Trelawny. I had a mini clip board and made that into Umbridge's very own, with a quill held in place, too. For the bottom paper on top of the pink I folded it accordian like, and secured the ends with rhinestone brads. Her To Do list reads:

1. Detentions for Potter

2. Form Inquisitorial Squad

3. Letter to Cornelius

4. Sack Trelawny

5. Become Headmaster!

This was her very first costume! It was based on one of Umbridge's outfits in the movie. With her catch phrase of course.

Same as above, circles from George Cartridge as well.

For one of the conferences they had a Masquerade Ball. Umbridge is always referred to as looking like a toad so Shae used that idea for her costume. Of course the dress had to be bright pink to be Umbridge, but every accessory from the lily pad bracelet to the fly clip in her wig she nailed it all. Her friends all tease, "OMG, you look like a frog!" lol.

On the third page I absolutely LOVE the little froggy charm on the journaling portion. It was the cutest little thing and I just had to add it!

And the last page! This was an evening at the conference and Shae took her PJ's to the Umbridge level, too! Her tee shirt says Hem Hem, and she has a pink pillow case with a kitty on it. So...I used that kitty again in my inspiration and made this cat page. Oh, and this page is actually really, really bright pink, one that didn't photo well for sure!


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Alma7 said...

Wow! Such a beautiful album!
Great idea - to put all these Umbridge costumes together.