Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Krafty Family Krafts!!

Have you ever heard the saying, "The family that crafts together, stays together."? No? You haven't? Well, I think they SHOULD say that, haha! I love how everyone in my family is crafty of some sort. My daughter turned 10 this last weekend so I have some cool crafty things my sisters and Mom made for Gwynie to share. My brother and Dad are even crafty in their own ways too, how cool is that?! But on to the projects!

These soaps were made by my sister Laci. (I'm the oldest, then Laci, Kyle and Shae). Laci made these "surprise" soaps for the kids! The prizes are wrapped in plastic wrap so they'll be perfect once the kids get to them! Of course Laci did them in their favorite colors! The only bad part...I should have NEVER told Brady there was a prize inside! He is determined to be the cleanest kid on the block let me tell you! He is constantly wanting to take a bath to use his soap! :)

Gwynie is a true girly girl, but has a little "Rockstar" streak and loves guitars and the skull and crossbones look. So of course all the things from here on out will have some form of that! *wink*

My Mom has recently taken up beaded projects like earrings, anklets, bracelets and necklaces. This is the set she made for Gwynie. She found these perfect pink guitar picks and then used little pink guitar charms! Laci made the little matchbook holder to hold the $50 from my Mom and Dad for the rest of Gwynie's present. Grandparents are GOOD I tell ya! I'm so excited to see what else Mom will come up with on this new hobby of hers!

Next is the paper pieced quilt block Laci made. Shae and Laci are fabulous at this craft, but I have really "gotten" it. Its just so confusing to me, but they say its so simple. Sorry girls, my feeble brain just can't handle it, hehe! Maybe one day I will and I'm sure I will fall as madly and passionately in love with this project as you girls have! Both Laci and Shae learned how to do these paper pieced blocks from the fabulous Ofenjen - (Jen Ofenstein) and her website. Sewhooked. Jen has tons of FREE patterns and is a truly amazing lady and crafter.

Anyway, this is one of Jen's patterns that Laci pieced together, added a cute little bow for Gwynie, and framed it with this awesome mat and frame. Gwynie loves having it in her room!

I taught Shae how to cross stitch when we were in Florida in January. Since then she has taken this craft and gone full board with it! She has an Etsy story and makes the most amazing (and graphic, haha) cross stitch pieces. Gwynie just adores this one of a kind piece and has it proudly displayed next to the one from Laci.

So there you have it, a family full of crafters all unique and totally creative in all of our own ways! I love my family!

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sewhooked said...

Ah, the cuteness, the cuteness! What a lucky girl, being surrounded by such talented women that clearly know her tastes!