Saturday, June 27, 2009

How Cool is My Husband?!

I've always known it, but now I can rub it in even more....My husband is the freaking coolest guy ever! :) Not only is he my bestest friend, (and my hottie hubs!) he is also such a thoughtful guy.
Friday night I was telling him that I needed to organize the craft room better since it was getting a little out of hand. Jake always jokes with me that one day it will all just come crashing down around me! ;P So we got to work Friday night moving things around, etc. and talking about ways to maximize my space and functionality of the room. I have this free standing closest that has all of my stamp sets, and some other things in it. The top row is all stamps and is almost out of room. I told Jake that maybe I should consider selling some of my older stamps. His reply was, "We'll make room. Even if we have to get more shelves and store them in the laundry room, we'll make sure you have room for all of your stuff." Wow! Doesn't that just make you grin ear to ear?! I know it did for me!
I got it to where I had the furniture rearranged (it doubles as the computer room) and thought I would spend an hour or so on Saturday tweaking it. Saturday morning we had our stamp party and Jake dropped me off. At the party the girls were talking about husbands etc. and how my cute friend Sharon is giddy with her new guy. Everyone was saying how the giddy part wears off after awhile, and I said, "After 9 years, Jake still makes me feel giddy." My friend Steph told them all too that everytime she sees us together you can just see how in love we still are. I was asked what our secret was, and I told them part of it is we really are each others best friend. We tell each other everything and are content to just be together. We have what we call our "ESP" and are always thinking of the same things. We're just really in synch with each other and probably most importantly, we've never let that spark die in our relationship and marriage.
Ok anyway, a little back story and gushing about my guy! So, when the party was over and Jake came to get me, there was a card sitting in my seat. (It of course was one from my stash, hehe!) The card had me in tears because it was so sweet and thoughtful!
Inside was this....
I want to tell you how much I love ya. I am very proud of you for getting published!! I am very excited for you. I have a surprise for you at the house.
Love ya with all my heart,
Of course I was DYING from anticipation and couldn't wait to get home! I'm always so horrible about wanting to know what the surprise is, but I could tell this was really important to Jake that I was surprised. So I was very, very good, which was very, very hard, but I was so glad because I had the BEST surprise when I got home!
This was my surprise! Jake had gone to Michaels and found this organizer shelf, along with a paper storage cube! He TOTALLY listened to what I had been saying Friday night about storage options in the room. I was getting ready to go to a crop at a friends house, so he told me that he would get the other part put together and have everything cleaned up so I could organize it later. He then handed me the coupon that came with the receipt...score! 50% off for next weekend! :) What an amazing man right?!!!
This is what it looks like all put together, and arranged in my room now. It gives me so much more space, keeps everything within reach, and every time I see it I think of Jake. To the left of the table I have a shelf against the other wall that holds my cricut, jukebox, cuttlebug, and several baskets and binders full of scrapbook stuff. I think we've solved my organizing problem...for now that is anyway!

One other little funny story about my hubs.

On Father's Day we were out at my in-laws. My Father in-law has this "thing" about making a hamburger. To make the perfect burger, you have to put your condiments and veggies in a certain order, or so he says. As Jake and I were putting our burgers together Wayne kept telling us we were doing it wrong. Dustin, Jake's older brother, said, "Well Dad, at least I know how to make the perfect burger, and I know perfection when I see it."

I chimed in, "Well then I must know perfection when I see it too, because I married Jake!"

It was the perfect thing to say at that moment, and I got a high five from Jake. Yep, we're cool, that's how we roll. ;)


KT said...

Yep! That husband of yours is a KEEPER FOR SURE!! What a terrific surprise! It's so great to be organized and have a wonderful husband, too - speaking from experience, of course - hehe!

Ladybug Designs said...

Your freakin' hubby is Awesome!!!