Sunday, June 28, 2009

Scrapbook Sunday!

Last night I had the pleasure of scrapbooking with my good friends Mel and Steph, and today I was treated to a fun scrapbooking day with my daughter Gwynie! What a great weekend for scrapbooking! Althought I didn't get a whole lot done (gee I wonder why?!), I was happy to get 6 pages done all in all.

Last weekend was Gwynie's 10th birthday party and these are just a couple from that day. We (meaning Gwynie and I) found this great slab of paper that has these cool and funky papers that totally fit her. So of course I had to use it!

A detail shot of the gemstones I added.

On this one, I added Thickers numbers for the 10 for her birthday, and the 2, to make "2 cool" on the heart!

These are the remaining 4 I did this weeked. This first page, both Brady and Gwynie have this same one, so I'll just show you one layout, but it does count as two for me. This was at "Strut Your Mutt" where No More Homeless Pets of Utah puts on a fundraiser for the animals. We walked in it, and then enjoyed the doggy talent show, costume show, and had the kids' faces painted. It was so fun!

Gwynie's Page

Brady's Page

Running Total: 92 pages
Completed this weekend: 6
YTD: 98 pages

Saturday, June 27, 2009

How Cool is My Husband?!

I've always known it, but now I can rub it in even more....My husband is the freaking coolest guy ever! :) Not only is he my bestest friend, (and my hottie hubs!) he is also such a thoughtful guy.
Friday night I was telling him that I needed to organize the craft room better since it was getting a little out of hand. Jake always jokes with me that one day it will all just come crashing down around me! ;P So we got to work Friday night moving things around, etc. and talking about ways to maximize my space and functionality of the room. I have this free standing closest that has all of my stamp sets, and some other things in it. The top row is all stamps and is almost out of room. I told Jake that maybe I should consider selling some of my older stamps. His reply was, "We'll make room. Even if we have to get more shelves and store them in the laundry room, we'll make sure you have room for all of your stuff." Wow! Doesn't that just make you grin ear to ear?! I know it did for me!
I got it to where I had the furniture rearranged (it doubles as the computer room) and thought I would spend an hour or so on Saturday tweaking it. Saturday morning we had our stamp party and Jake dropped me off. At the party the girls were talking about husbands etc. and how my cute friend Sharon is giddy with her new guy. Everyone was saying how the giddy part wears off after awhile, and I said, "After 9 years, Jake still makes me feel giddy." My friend Steph told them all too that everytime she sees us together you can just see how in love we still are. I was asked what our secret was, and I told them part of it is we really are each others best friend. We tell each other everything and are content to just be together. We have what we call our "ESP" and are always thinking of the same things. We're just really in synch with each other and probably most importantly, we've never let that spark die in our relationship and marriage.
Ok anyway, a little back story and gushing about my guy! So, when the party was over and Jake came to get me, there was a card sitting in my seat. (It of course was one from my stash, hehe!) The card had me in tears because it was so sweet and thoughtful!
Inside was this....
I want to tell you how much I love ya. I am very proud of you for getting published!! I am very excited for you. I have a surprise for you at the house.
Love ya with all my heart,
Of course I was DYING from anticipation and couldn't wait to get home! I'm always so horrible about wanting to know what the surprise is, but I could tell this was really important to Jake that I was surprised. So I was very, very good, which was very, very hard, but I was so glad because I had the BEST surprise when I got home!
This was my surprise! Jake had gone to Michaels and found this organizer shelf, along with a paper storage cube! He TOTALLY listened to what I had been saying Friday night about storage options in the room. I was getting ready to go to a crop at a friends house, so he told me that he would get the other part put together and have everything cleaned up so I could organize it later. He then handed me the coupon that came with the receipt...score! 50% off for next weekend! :) What an amazing man right?!!!
This is what it looks like all put together, and arranged in my room now. It gives me so much more space, keeps everything within reach, and every time I see it I think of Jake. To the left of the table I have a shelf against the other wall that holds my cricut, jukebox, cuttlebug, and several baskets and binders full of scrapbook stuff. I think we've solved my organizing problem...for now that is anyway!

One other little funny story about my hubs.

On Father's Day we were out at my in-laws. My Father in-law has this "thing" about making a hamburger. To make the perfect burger, you have to put your condiments and veggies in a certain order, or so he says. As Jake and I were putting our burgers together Wayne kept telling us we were doing it wrong. Dustin, Jake's older brother, said, "Well Dad, at least I know how to make the perfect burger, and I know perfection when I see it."

I chimed in, "Well then I must know perfection when I see it too, because I married Jake!"

It was the perfect thing to say at that moment, and I got a high five from Jake. Yep, we're cool, that's how we roll. ;)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Shock and Awe

I've let a few people know, mostly friends and family, but I'm excited to finally post it here on the blog-o!

This month I found out I will have two cards published! My very first!

I will have one in the November issue of CARDS Magazine, and 1 in the Scrapbook Trends Christmas Cards Idea Book!

Although I hadn't posted the November one on here, I do need to remove the christmas one until the magazine is published. I made up a little image to substitute.

What do you think?! I like to have everything match, hehe, so this matches my banner. :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cinema challenge!

I always love a good challenge, and I'm so excited I found a new one! Cinema Saturday is a blog where you are challenged to create a card based on a movie. I just found this so I was in a crunch to make a quick card and get it posted before the deadline tonight, so I'm looking forward to a new challenge next week!

Here is the challenge this week!

True confession time, I have only seen the 3rd HSM whereas Jake has seen all of them!! He is a closet HSM fan! :D So of course I had to turn to him and consult about the card and bounce my ideas off of him!

So here is the card I came up with. I had a few other ideas, but this is what I came up with quickly tonight so I can at least participate in the challenge! Of course the argyle print from Sharpay's clothes in the 2nd movie (ahem which Jake had to tell me...) and then the sentiment is from the song she sings (in I believe the 3rd movie, the only one I've watched). Then the little initial logo is for my daughter Gwynie, so with her initials, like Sharpay has in the movie. And then of course some bling because its FABULOUS!

CS: Basic Black, Pink Passion, Whisper White
DSP: The Paper Studio
Misc: Jasmine Cricut cartridge, misc grograin ribbons, gemstones, sentiment printer on computer, scallop border

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Krafty Family Krafts!!

Have you ever heard the saying, "The family that crafts together, stays together."? No? You haven't? Well, I think they SHOULD say that, haha! I love how everyone in my family is crafty of some sort. My daughter turned 10 this last weekend so I have some cool crafty things my sisters and Mom made for Gwynie to share. My brother and Dad are even crafty in their own ways too, how cool is that?! But on to the projects!

These soaps were made by my sister Laci. (I'm the oldest, then Laci, Kyle and Shae). Laci made these "surprise" soaps for the kids! The prizes are wrapped in plastic wrap so they'll be perfect once the kids get to them! Of course Laci did them in their favorite colors! The only bad part...I should have NEVER told Brady there was a prize inside! He is determined to be the cleanest kid on the block let me tell you! He is constantly wanting to take a bath to use his soap! :)

Gwynie is a true girly girl, but has a little "Rockstar" streak and loves guitars and the skull and crossbones look. So of course all the things from here on out will have some form of that! *wink*

My Mom has recently taken up beaded projects like earrings, anklets, bracelets and necklaces. This is the set she made for Gwynie. She found these perfect pink guitar picks and then used little pink guitar charms! Laci made the little matchbook holder to hold the $50 from my Mom and Dad for the rest of Gwynie's present. Grandparents are GOOD I tell ya! I'm so excited to see what else Mom will come up with on this new hobby of hers!

Next is the paper pieced quilt block Laci made. Shae and Laci are fabulous at this craft, but I have really "gotten" it. Its just so confusing to me, but they say its so simple. Sorry girls, my feeble brain just can't handle it, hehe! Maybe one day I will and I'm sure I will fall as madly and passionately in love with this project as you girls have! Both Laci and Shae learned how to do these paper pieced blocks from the fabulous Ofenjen - (Jen Ofenstein) and her website. Sewhooked. Jen has tons of FREE patterns and is a truly amazing lady and crafter.

Anyway, this is one of Jen's patterns that Laci pieced together, added a cute little bow for Gwynie, and framed it with this awesome mat and frame. Gwynie loves having it in her room!

I taught Shae how to cross stitch when we were in Florida in January. Since then she has taken this craft and gone full board with it! She has an Etsy story and makes the most amazing (and graphic, haha) cross stitch pieces. Gwynie just adores this one of a kind piece and has it proudly displayed next to the one from Laci.

So there you have it, a family full of crafters all unique and totally creative in all of our own ways! I love my family!

Bye-Bye Baja Breeze Part III

Hey everyone! Hope your Wednesday is going swell, its middle of the week and Friday is so close! I'm in high anticipation for this weekend...our last stamp party for the current catalog, and scrapbooking all night Saturday with my two good friends Mel and Steph! What a fun weekend to look forward to!

Tonight is the last night I have for Bye-Bye Baja Breeze. I really will miss this color, but I am sooooo looking forward to three of the new in colors! Melon, Raspberry and the Bermuda color look so fun and playful I'm thinking I just might have to add those to my collection, plus that dotted ribbon?! Yummm-0 I totally cannot wait for that!! But back to Baja... ;)

This is the swap card I'll be sharing on Saturday with my stamp group. The theme this month was 'Thank You' but I substituted the sentiment from Priceless to go with the True Friend set. Hope everyone in my group likes them!

CS: Baja Breeze, Chocolate Chip, Very Vanilla
Ink: Baja Breeze, Chocolate Chip
Stamp: Priceless, True Friend
Misc: Felt Flowers, Chocolate Chip Grograin, silver brads

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bye-Bye Baja Breeze Part II

Last night you saw this card for Part I of Bye-Bye to Baja Breeze. Tonight, you'll see the second card with the same colors, but a totally different look!
I used the Clean and Simple sketch FTL 47 (fall to layout) for this card. Often I think I tend to create more clean and simple cards, so I love this blog and I'm excited to try more of their sketches!
Here is the sketch:

And here is my card:

This card will go to my wonderful and fabulous friend Steph for her birthday! Remember this matchbook holder from last month's card challenge I posted on May 5th? I did that same type of flower, but instead of cutting out perfect circles, I tore irregular paper circles for this flower and used a button instead of a brad. Also, the sentiment rectangle is distressed around the edges. The background is stamped with the stemmed flower from Eastern Blooms, and then a scallop border and scallop scissors finishes off the card. Really quick and simple!


Cardstock: Close to Cocoa, Chocolate Chip, Baja Breeze, Pale Plum, Very Vanilla
Stamps: Eastern Blooms, Happy Everything
Ink: Baja Breeze, Pale Plum
Misc: buttons, linen thread, scallop border, scallop scissors

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bye-Bye Baja Breeze Part I

Well, I've taken a break from scrapbooking to work on cards. I've been feeling like I've neglected that part of my paper crafting lately! I'm still hoping to acheive my 365 goal for scrapbooking, but any way I look at it, I've done a lot this year, and I'm 92 pages farther than I was last year! *wink* So with that in mind, you'll be seeing a few more cards on the blog-o for the next little while (hehe, like you have the last few days)!

I'm really going to miss the In Color Baja Breeze from Stampin' Up! It's become one of my "go to" colors, much like Certainly Celery has been for me in the past. So for the next few days I'll show you some cards with the fun Baja Breeze color while I lament its passing!

This card doesn't technically have any Baja cardstock or ink on it, but take a look at that button and the crochet flower! Those two flowers I crocheted with the tutorial on Nichole Heady's blog. I used a larger hook to get the larger flower (both using the single layer flower) and then layered them together with a pale plum button. I just love how these colors work together! Actually, I liked them so much, that tomorrow, you'll see a card with these very same colors, but a totally different look! How fun is that?!


Cardstock: Close to Cocoa, Pale Plum

Ink: Chocolate Chip

Stamp: Sassy Sayings II

Misc: DMC floss, buttons, hemp, scallop border, twill tape, antique brass brads

Christmas in June?

It's not too early to be thinking about Christmas right?!

Every year I find myself panicking at the last minute to get my cards made and mailed. The former happens, but the latter...well by the time the cards are all done, its too late to get them mailed in time for Christmas. So, I just give up and say I'll save those cards for next year...but then I want NEW cards to send, LOL! I can never make it easy on myself can I?

Last week a friend of mine started talking about her Christmas cards and that she found the perfect Christmas stamp to design all of her cards. I thought, "Are you kidding me?!" but now I'm realizing how right she is to start planning now.
So last weekend I sat down with the idea in mind to whip up a few cards to save until December, and these are a few I came up with. I love them all! On this card I did a little "stitching"! I used the Flourishes Bazzil Basics template to do the swirls, and did some faux stitching around the edges of the card stock. Aren't these colors so fun!
Cardstock: Certainly Celery, Pretty in Pink
Decorative paper: My Minds Eye
Misc: Bazzil Basics stitching template, felt snowflakes, buttons, scallop border punch, brads, white gel pen, DMC floss, pink organdy ribbon
And how about these colors?! The paper really pulled this whole thing together! This was in the Christmas Slab from Die Cuts With a View. I love how these aren't really "traditional" Christmas colors, but they work!
Cardstock: Pixie Pink, Garden Green
Decorative Paper: DCWV
Ink: Pixie Pink
Stamp: All Holidays
Misc: Soft Subtles and Bold Brights brads, snowflakes, button, corner rounder, celery grograin, DMC floss
This card felt really busy during the creating process, but I was happy with the end result. My daughter loves it because it's so pink! This has tons of glitter and bling on it, perfect for Christmas right?! But totally different colors! I had some white thickers letters but I wanted them to be all glittery to match the paper. I added some liquid adhesive, dusted glitter over the tops of the letters, and voila instant glitter letters! Also, the bottom scallop done with the corner rounder is dotted with little pink gemstones to complete the "blinged-out" look! Too fun!


Cardstock: Stampin' Up!

Decorative Paper: DCWV

Misc: Thickers letters, rhinestones, gemstones, flowers, Dazzling Diamonds, corner rounder, pink organdy ribbon

Ok, well that's all for now, but there may be a few more soon! I'd love to get a huge start on my Christmas cards now! But for me, it'll be more birthday cards in the next week on my to do list!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Happy Father's Day!

I love telling my Dad and Father in-law how much they mean to me and how awesome they are everyday, and especially on this day! Most importantly though, I love watching my husband's eyes light up when the kids give him their hand made presents filled with love. He told me that's his favorite part of the day. :) I just love my hubby!

In addition to the super cool Boston Red Sox t-shirt and hat we got him, I suprised him with this fun card.


Cardstock: Whisper White, Brocade Blue, Chocolate Chip

Patterned paper: Patterns Pack I & II

Ink: Brocade Blue

Stamped letters: Short Order Alphabet

Misc: (heart) Cricut George cartridge, red buttons, twill tape linen thread

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Almost an Anniversary!

My Mom and Dad recently celebrated their 28th anniversary, can you believe it?! (Watch for their card this week!) I've been thinking about my own upcoming anniversary, and wanted to share the card that I'll be giving Jake. I can't believe its been 8 years already! We already have our tickets for the Green Day concert in August, (they're here on our actual anniversary- the 16th!) and we are trying to decide what, if anything else we'll be doing that day. I've felt a little behind lately, so I decided I need to get this done with a few other things so I can really be on top of it all!

Supplies Used:
Whisper White, Night of Navy, Cameo Coral
Ink: Versa Mark, Night of Navy, Cameo Coral
Stamps: Always
Misc: Clear embossing powder, Scallop border, Filigree brad, 1/16 punch, White organdy ribbon

Father's Day and Graduation Projects

If you haven't had a chance to make a Father's Day card or project, hopefully these will be just the inspiration to get it done tonight!

Here's the sketch I put together:
(And yes these are the same colors from SCS, I just get so used to them, hehe!)

And here is my card:

CS: Basic Black, Whisper White, Real Red
Patterned Paper: Prints Pack II
Stamp: Totally Tool
Ink: Basic Black
Other: Real Red Grograin, stapler, brads, blender pens, watercolor pencils
Then I decided to work on some gift card holders. I don't know about you guys, but I'm always at a loss for what to get my parents or in-laws. Gift cards are the easiest answer for me, but I like to add a handmade touch to it as well. And, my family has come to expect handmade cards! So, here is a really quick and simple gift card holder template! (I made these with the Grad theme in mind because the Men's billfold gift card holder was for Dad's!) :)

They take just a few minutes to put together, and you really don’t need to embellish it too much because it’s so small. They work perfect not only for a graduation gift, but for birthdays and Christmas gift cards.
Here are the measurements I used, but you can create any size you need just by measuring what card you plan on putting into it.
Measurements for a regular sized gift card:

5 x 3 7/8
Score at 2 1/2

For my gift card holders I rounded the corners, and used a slot punch from Stampin’ Up to secure the gift card on the inside. You can also just stick the card in with some adhesive!


CS: Close to Cocoa, Pretty in Pink, Whisper White,
Patterned Paper: Prints Pack I
Ink: Close to Cocoa, Pretty in Pink

Stamps: Great Grad

Misc: Soft Subtle and Rich Regals brads, Slot punch, Corner Rounder

Now this last one I love and am so excited to give it to my hubs...even if that means he actually gets golf tees that I raided from his golf bag! :P This is a Golf Tee Holder!

Cut your cardstock at 9 x 4 1/4 and score at 1/2", 1 1/4", 3 1/4", 6", 6 3/4"

Hopefully this will help! I made the letters really small though, but at least you can kind of get the general idea.

Fold on score marks going in the same direction with each fold. The tee holder will fold over on itself and glue together on that first 1/2 inch score. Punch holes for tees. If you want a band to secure it, take a one inch to half inch wide strip of card stock and adjust to fit then glue strip together. For the golf ball, I took a white piece of cardstock, hole punched it, and then layered it over a vanilla piece of cardstock. I cannot take credit at all for this idea, it was one of my many finds over the years! :) The original I found was by a SCS-er by the name of pearls&lace and you can see her template here.
On the little was really weird how I did it. I took the Round Tab punch from Stampin Up, cut out one tab, and then lined that cut out back in the punch to where it was a tee shape, and punched it. You can get two "tees" from this because then you will cut in the middle. Or if you are super talented you can free hand cut it! :D

Friday, June 5, 2009

Gate Fold Graduation Card

In the stamp group I'm in, we make swap cards each month. We make 10 of the same cards and then when we have our stamp parties we swap cards. This way we take home 10 brand new cards! I love our swaps and ohh and ahhhh over every card I receive!
I had never made a Gate Fold card before (shocker I know!) but it was super simple with my Scor Pal. It already has the dots above the score lines to show you exactly where to score and fold it. So slick!
To give my card a little more dimension I used two different types of patterned paper and layered them on the front flaps. I inked around the edges of each piece with basic black, and then used some brads to highlight the fun circles, and add in a little red to an otherwise black and white card! I also tied a little ribbon on one of the blocks. This makes everything balanced and POP!
These cards went to my swap group and one extra went to my cute cousin Lauren on her graduation day! I can see myself making a lot more of these cards!

CS: Real Red, Basic Black, Whisper White
Ink: Basic Black
Stamp: Great Grad
Misc: grograin ribbon, white and black brads, Scor-Pal, circle punch

Money Holders!

For some reason I haven't been updating blogs lately. This one and our family one! I got a phone call from my Mom today asking why it had been a month since my last update on our Family Blog, and it hit me. I haven't been great at updating lately! :) So, there are quite a few things I've been working on and have not posted. I also decided that I wanted to make this, my krafty blog, more fun with new stuff more often. I know that feeling of going to a blog and not seeing anything new, so I certainly don't want that happening here! The point of first starting my blog was to basically give myself a visual of the things I've made, etc. but now I'm finding that I want to keep this updated and fun, haha! So hopefully I'll be sticking to this resolution to continue doing a hobby I'm passionate about, as well as share anything that I've made.
First is the Money Card Holder. This would be great for birthday money for teens, or other people like grads that you typically give money to. If you would rather give money for gifts, this is a great way to give a handmade card with it!

CS: Certainly Celery, Rose Red, Night of Navy, Whisper White, So Saffron
DSP: SU Cutie Pie, Chatterbox Small Hall Stripe
Ink: So Saffron, Certainly Celery, Night of Navy
Stamps: Great Grad
Misc: Celery and white grograin, Scallop Punch, Circle punches, Stapler

Measurements for money card holder:

Cut your paper at 6 1/2 x 6 3/4 and then score at 3 1/8 x 6 1/4. Fold and tape side of holder. For the insert cut 6 1/2 x 3. Use a circle punch to cut out the top portion of the holder, and use that same circle for the top insert. Staple, and then slide money under circle tab. Super easy and cute, and really quick!

I found this last year and LOVED the idea, but of course it takes me pushing myself to actually try anything new! The only thing lacking in the cash in the top! Neither my hubs or I hardly ever carry you will just have to pretend and imagine its there! This is a Men's Billfold made completely out of paper! The original creator of this cool card is Lorri Heiling. You can see her full tutorial on her blog, but I have taken her instructions and included them here. This would also be so, so, so cute if it was in pinks and blinged out with gemstones and rhinestones and fru-fru stuff for a girl. I can just picture the one I'd make for my daughter on her birthday now! :D Oh, and actually, my husband saw this sitting on the counter after I had taken the picture and said, "Why did you buy me a brown wallet? You know I like black." LOL! Then he realized, and said that it was pretty freakin cool.


CS: Close to Cocoa

Ink: Chocolate Chip

Stamps: All Holidays

Misc: Sponge Dauber, Brown marker, paper piecing template


Dimensions of wallet

Piece 1 Outside of wallet 9 x 3 1/2 - round all 4 corners
Piece 2 Inside piece of wallet 8 1/2 x 3 1/4

Cut 2 of each of the following dimensions (listed below), one for each side of the wallet

Piece 3 Layer of wallet to hold gift cards (middle piece) 4 1/4 x 1
Piece 4 Layer of wallet (front and top piece) 4 1/4 x 2

After each part above is cut out, sponge all the edges in choclate chip with a dauber. (Sponge daubers can be found at most craft stores, let me know if you need more info or pictures!) You can also use a craft sponge, but the dauber works best to give it a leathery look.

Score Piece 1 at 4 7/16 and 4 9/16. I know that sounds like a DETAILED number. Because the wallet gets thick after you put the gift cards in, you have to make scores so the wallet CAN be thicker. That will give you a 1/8 binding that will allow the wallet to be thicker.

Then pierce the edges of Piece 1 with the paper piercer and guide. Then "faux stitch" by making a line with a black pen across each hole. I faux stitched on both sides of this part of the wallet.

Make the patch with whatever stamp you want. Faux stitch again, and then distress it with scissors. (rake scissor edge along it to give it a rough edge.)Tape this to the front.

The inside layer has 3 parts to it. The first layer is Piece 2 above. Score this piece at 4 1/4. Set this on your table. Then layer Piece 3 (dimensions listed above). Tape JUST THE VERY OUTSIDE EDGES.

Then layer Piece 4 on top of that, this time gluing on the 2 outside edges and bottom edge. Just make sure to watch your tape so that you leave enough room for a gift card! ;)

Next tape this whole piece to the inside of the wallet, on the outside edges and bottom edge. This will create the pocket and allow you to put money inside.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Broke into the 90s!!

Finally posting some more scrapbook pages! I'm now up to 92!

These are the last of Brady's wrestling pictures. It was so fun doing these. I loved the colors, the chipboard arrows, etc. Everything about it worked so well together.

These are some more Tee Ball layouts along with some close ups. I hand stitched the baseball, it was so fun!

And a close up of the ball!

This is the other side of that page. A little close up of the staples and the ribbon on this one.

Running Total: 88 pages
Completed last weekend: 4
YTD: 92 pages