Friday, May 8, 2009

Challenging Myself

Inspired by a 1 to 10 challenge I participated in for scrapbooking, this is scaled down to a card size. Here were the requirements I set myself for this card!

Have at least the number specified, but you can use multiples. You have to have at least one (or two, three, etc.) of the required element.

1 Stamped Image (can substitute for a rub-on, a die cut, etc.)
2 Patterned papers
3 Colors Cardstock (can be 2 colors and 1 neutral, or 3 colors and a neutral like white, black or cream)
4 Brads or Eyelets
5 inches of ribbon or fiber

Think it can't be done? It can I promise! For this card I used white, green, yellow and blue for my base cardstock. On the punched out flowers I used two different kinds of patterned paper, and then the four flowers provided spots for the eyelets. The stamped greeting at the bottom for my one stamped image, and then the ribbon tied around the center put it all together. See...easy peasy! The picture doesn't quite show it, but to add a little depth to the card I crinkled the main square, the little squares and the flowers and then smoothed them out a little.

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