Tuesday, May 19, 2009

88 Layouts!

I'm so close to the 100 mark! 12 away! However, I won't be having much time to do any crafts for...oh, the next 6 weeks! I checked the calendar yesterday, and we have something going on every single weekend until the 4th of July!! Luckily, one of those weekends is a planned crop with my girlfriends, so that helps a bit, right?!

These are some layouts I finished last weekend, but never got around to posting here because of our crazy busy week and weekend this past week. We are off to Colorado for a little mini vacation on Wednesday, visiting family over the Memorial Day weekend. I'm going to take some scrapbook stuff and see if I can sneak some time in to craft with my Aunt while we are there! Wish me luck! ;)

Ok, here are the layouts (after some rambling!), doubles of each page for each kids books...so 6 layouts total. This was last summer at the Animal Planet Expo. I found this pack of paper and coordinating elements at Michaels. It is the Safari Kids pack, so I got the paper slab, the brads, and I got two packs of the Safari Boy chipboard. I broke everything up into sets of coordinating paper and embellishments. This set, I knew I wanted to go with the Animal Planet stuff because it matched the little tattoo things I picked up that day. I love all of those greens together! It matched great and I love them!

Just a fun note on this one, I made that large scallop circle using my corner rounder!

Running Total: 82 pages
Completed last weekend: 6
YTD: 88 pages

Now I know, I'm still really behind on my 365 goal. I was thinking about this yesterday and realized that if I want to be completely caught up by June 30th, I would need to (starting on May 26th since we'll be gone this weekend) complete 2.65 pages PER DAY. That's just to be caught up by the end of June, mind you! So I told my husband this wonderful news and his reply was, "So that means I won't ever see you at night anymore?" Hmmm, time to rethink that! At this point, almost halfway through the year, I'm not sure if I'll meet my goal, but I'll still keep trying! However, there is still 6 whole months, and I'm thinking if I put in one hour per night (from 9-10 pm) then it might help get me caught up a little. I guess I will just have to see!

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