Saturday, April 4, 2009

Update...64 Pages Complete!

I'm still trying to plow through my old pics. I have a few more from 2005 done, yes finally! I finished up 04 a few weeks ago, and I think I only have one set for each of the kids from 05...yay! I just have a hard time doing pages in order, I only want to do them as I get inspired! My goal is to get up through 2008 by the end of this year so I better hurry up! Really, I just need to finish a handful of pics from 06 and 07 and then I can say I'm into 2008! Couple more months maybe, whew! Anyway, here are the ones I worked on today.

I just couldn't get the right light on this one, probably because its so late and I'm up taking pictures. I should have waited until the morning, but meh...I wanted it done now! I'm an instant gratification sort of person. So, not perfect, but I think you can still see the detail. All the supplies on these two pages were from a kit I bought at the Expo. They are all the My Mind's Eye Bohemia line. I love these transparency things! I cut some of the leaves and blossoms with an exacto to pop out the page a little.

The next two pages are also from a kit at the Expo. It was $1 for two sheets of decorative paper and the chipboard elements. What a deal! I wish I had grabbed more of these things!

These next few pages...meh...not much to say about them. These are my 2005 (and the ones above) ones that I have never been able to scrapbook. We took the kids to the Childrens Museum, the Living Planet Aquarium and the Planetarium over Memorial Day weekend. to scrapbook that all into one day? Well the ones above are for Brady's book for the aquarium, but I ended up with more pics of Gwynie at the other places...So what to do, what to do... I finally just did a really basic spread with 3 pages for her and 1 for him. Same basic layout for the page they share. I found these stickers and robot thingies at the expo, but they felt so busy that I wanted to just tone it down with a white back and coordinating cardstock. Still ended up busy, but not entirely overwhelming. I'm ok with them as they are.

Running Total: 56 pages
Completed tonight: 8
YTD: 64 pages (still around 30 pages behind of my 365 goal...)

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