Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Layouts!

So, I think it's official. I really do like Digital Scrapbooking! I've been quite obsessive about it this week, finding freebie kits, finding blogs that post freebie kits, etc. that it's starting to affect my sleep! I'm trying to find that balance now, what to scrapbook digitally, and what I know for sure I will want to do traditionally.

While I'm not knocking Digi scrapbookers at all, I can't just completely only do digital. For one, I have A LOT invested in my supplies! Lol, but that aside, I just love being able to put my layouts together with my hands, and making scraps of paper and embellishments come together into a layout. Also, since I'm only doing this in addition to my traditional stuff, I can't justify buying kits when there are so many talented people making free ones. So...there you go, where I rest on this debate that's been going on in my head. It's amazing to see layouts people create digitally, but I still love the look of my traditional pages so I try keeping my digital ones like that. So while digital layouts look stunning, I don't think any of mine will have those qualities.

This weekend I'll need to go through my pics and decide what will still need to be developed and which ones can go into a Digi scrap folder. Anyways....

Ok, so these were two I did last night. I did two on Tuesday as well, but those aren't quite finished yet! The kit I'm working with is gorgeous, but somehow in my feeble mind and hands it's just not coming together. Maybe this weekend I can finish it up, I'm hoping!

Both of these layouts are Page Maps sketches.

This first one I was really happy with! To be honest, I had no idea when I first started this how it would turn out, only the basic layout was in my mind. Once I started working with these pics of Gwynie, and then adding the title "Smile", it just hit me how that was the basis for the entire layout and journaling!

Papers, Alpha, Ribbon & embellishments - Happy Go Lucky Kit - Shabby Princess
Cream buttons - Harvest Spice Kit - Shabby Princess
Brown Flowers - Girly Girl Kit -

So for the second one...I'm not sure how I feel about it. Yes, I like it, and I fell in love with this kit, but somehow it just doesn't quite work. Maybe it's because this picture I've already developed so it will probably just be done in a traditional layout. Maybe I need to put in another picture and it will work. I dunno....I still love the kit like I said. I love the pinks and browns, and I love the page map sketch I used on this.

Papers and Embellishments -Girly Girl Kit -
Rustic Brads - Festival Kit - Shabby Princess

Also, I decided that I'm ok counting these digital layouts in my totals for the year. I'm spending just as much time on them as I would any other scrapbook page, so it's only right to I think. However, I'm going to keep the total seperate just so I can see how much in each area I've done.

YTD: 44 Pages
Traditional: 40
Digital: 4

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