Sunday, February 1, 2009

End of the Month...365 Challenge Update

As I'd mentioned previously, I've challenged myself to make 365 scrapbook pages for this year. We were in Florida on vacation for two weeks, so this weekend I had to play a little bit of catch up!

YTD: 13 pages
Completed today: 14 pages
Total: 27 pages

Since I do the same pages for each of my kids I'm counting those as an additional set of pages. Here are 7 pages, but remember it's still 14 to me! I'm a little short this month, but I might still end up with a few more after dinner tonight... ;)

These were from a Blaze football game, the amateur team here in Utah. I used a pagemaps sketch for this layout, but changed just a few things to fit my pics and title.

I had started the "Dew Tour" set last September, but ran out of washers. I finished up Gwynie's set, and then did all of Brady's today. These were the longest layouts ever, I swear. Just all the little embellishements took forever! Also, I used silver brads, but they look quite brassy in these pics.

For any supplies, just ask!

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