Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Layouts!

So, I think it's official. I really do like Digital Scrapbooking! I've been quite obsessive about it this week, finding freebie kits, finding blogs that post freebie kits, etc. that it's starting to affect my sleep! I'm trying to find that balance now, what to scrapbook digitally, and what I know for sure I will want to do traditionally.

While I'm not knocking Digi scrapbookers at all, I can't just completely only do digital. For one, I have A LOT invested in my supplies! Lol, but that aside, I just love being able to put my layouts together with my hands, and making scraps of paper and embellishments come together into a layout. Also, since I'm only doing this in addition to my traditional stuff, I can't justify buying kits when there are so many talented people making free ones. So...there you go, where I rest on this debate that's been going on in my head. It's amazing to see layouts people create digitally, but I still love the look of my traditional pages so I try keeping my digital ones like that. So while digital layouts look stunning, I don't think any of mine will have those qualities.

This weekend I'll need to go through my pics and decide what will still need to be developed and which ones can go into a Digi scrap folder. Anyways....

Ok, so these were two I did last night. I did two on Tuesday as well, but those aren't quite finished yet! The kit I'm working with is gorgeous, but somehow in my feeble mind and hands it's just not coming together. Maybe this weekend I can finish it up, I'm hoping!

Both of these layouts are Page Maps sketches.

This first one I was really happy with! To be honest, I had no idea when I first started this how it would turn out, only the basic layout was in my mind. Once I started working with these pics of Gwynie, and then adding the title "Smile", it just hit me how that was the basis for the entire layout and journaling!

Papers, Alpha, Ribbon & embellishments - Happy Go Lucky Kit - Shabby Princess
Cream buttons - Harvest Spice Kit - Shabby Princess
Brown Flowers - Girly Girl Kit -

So for the second one...I'm not sure how I feel about it. Yes, I like it, and I fell in love with this kit, but somehow it just doesn't quite work. Maybe it's because this picture I've already developed so it will probably just be done in a traditional layout. Maybe I need to put in another picture and it will work. I dunno....I still love the kit like I said. I love the pinks and browns, and I love the page map sketch I used on this.

Papers and Embellishments -Girly Girl Kit -
Rustic Brads - Festival Kit - Shabby Princess

Also, I decided that I'm ok counting these digital layouts in my totals for the year. I'm spending just as much time on them as I would any other scrapbook page, so it's only right to I think. However, I'm going to keep the total seperate just so I can see how much in each area I've done.

YTD: 44 Pages
Traditional: 40
Digital: 4

Monday, February 23, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking...Taking the Plunge!

Ok so I did it, I tried my hand at digital scrapbooking. Wow! What a ton of work! It's really amazing though! I know I won't abandon traditional scrapbooking anytime soon, but this was really fun to try. I've never really done much in Photoshop, especially with the layers tool, but I'm pretty happy with my progress so far. I'll show you my second and third attempts, the first was just practice. I'll go back and change that later, but at least it taught me what to do and what not to do!
I had been debating even trying digital scrapbooking up until this last weekend. I never saw the appeal. I thought there was no way I would sit in front of a computer to make a scrapbook page! I was proven wrong...
We went on a surprise road trip to Vegas to join in on the celebration for my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. One of my aunts had put together a digital scrapbook for them with their wedding pics, and then all their kids/grandkids/greatgrandkids pics with wedding photos, etc. Then they made a DVD out of it! It was just so fantastic that it made me want to give it a try. Like most things I do, I researched it all day yesterday and then tonight I tried it.

I think this could end up being a new addiction. I want to have them printed at the place recommended by the site I downloaded the free kits from. If I like the result, I may do both traditional and digital in the kids' books. It might end up being a time saver, as well as a cost saver depending on the price of printing. It still did take me a while to do, and I still had to tap into my creative juices to make them. It was certainly not as easy as I thought it would be! There is still so much to learn, but at least it's fun so far!

I'll tell you though, I felt like a huge idiot trying to figure out how to crop the paper to fit behind my photos, and I was so proud of myself when I realized I could rotate the little ribbons (DUH!) and when I got the journaling just right on those strips in the second photo. *pats self on back* Again, it's a learning process, but I'm pretty excited by it all. It's just weird not actually feeling the ribbons, or laying the page out by hand.

All free digital products used (and amazing tutorials!) can be found at Shabby Princess. There are also a few more out there, they are just a "Google" away! Shabby Princess is the first one that pulled up for me, and I was really pleased with their free selection.

I wasn't sure if I should be counting these in my layout count for the year, but my hubs said he should. He said I spent just as much time on these as I would have done on a traditional one, and that I spent as much time agonizing over colors/placement as I usually do. So...I guess I will!

YTD: 40 pages

Completed tonight: 2 pages (well 3 but that was practice...I'll fix and post it later!)

Total: 42 pages (As of today I should be at 54)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

8 More Pages...I'm up to 40!

I spent the day today doing laundry and getting a few more pages done! Next weekend I'll need to work on cards for my swap group, but it's been fun to spend time working on pages. I'm still not quite where I should be for my 365 goal, but I know I'll make it! My friend and I are planning on doing the all day crop at the Scrapbook Expo next month, so that's where I'll make lots of progress. At least I hope so!

YTD: 32 pages
Completed this weekend: 8 pages (Sunday)
Total: 40 pages (As of today I should be at 46)

The first two pages are from Gwynie's school pictures from last year. Each year I have her write her favorite things that year, but I always wait until the end of the year. That way she's thinking about the whole year! Also, it's hilarious to look back on her handwriting and see how well she writes as compared to the previous year. These papers and the "Grade 3" stickers as well as the chipboard 3's are from a Scenic Route kit I got at the Expo in September. The olive green ribbon in the 2nd one looks really bright in this pic, but it's more of a muted color.

I finally put my Design Studio for the Cricut to good use today. My friend (and Stampin Up Demo) Sharon keeps telling me I need to use it more. I tell her I need lessons from her...I used my Opposites Attract cartridge and welded the letters together. I found this jumbo tag at my lss and it jumped out to be used like a Christmas tag. I used the Script embossing folder on the Cuttlebug for the mat of the photo.

This layout is for another challenge I took part in. Does it look familiar? Well it should! The last challenge I did I used the other pics from this set, and this same line of paper. I had done the page with the 2 pics as required by the challenge, but I had never had the inspiration to finish the set. Well, here were the challenge requirements:
1 chipboard element
2 different pieces patterned paper
3 different colors cardstock
4 photos
5 stamps
6 buttons
7 stitches (yes, you get to sew!)
8 staples
9 EYELETS (you may not substitute with brads)
10 inches ribbon or fiber

I was really daunted by the whole sewing bit honestly. Once I decided that my second piece of patterned paper was going to be that heart square, it just all fell into place that I would stitch on that. You had to have at least the required number of items, but you could certainly go over that I went over in the stitching area! Also, the stamp part was a little hard too, but I used that same stamp on the other layout and I wanted them to be similiar to each other. So, it had to be that stamp, but where? It ended up going on the chipboard G! :)

These pictures are from 2004! I had accidentally deleted them from my camera years ago, but a recent trip to my in-laws, and a long story later...I found these on their computer! I was so relieved since this was such a fun thing! In Kindergarten my daughter's school wasn't letting the kids wear costumes to school on Halloween. Instead they were doing Crazy Hair Day! I made these bees out of pipe cleaners and turned her hair into a beehive! I also tried my hand at some more stitching and I really like how it turned out. I think doing it on the above layout made it easier to incorporate and my mind was already working in that direction, lol. The ribbon at the bottom shifted, but I fixed it after this! :)
Another set of T-Ball pics. These were from Fall T-Ball when Jake coached Brady's team. Nothing special to say about these :( other than I really like them! I tried to keep the same feel as the other set of team pics, which I kind of just copied the layouts and placements of pictures and embellishments. Once I finally get around to the candid and other shots taken during his games I'll have the journaling in there.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pages from this weekend

Well, I planned on doing a lot more, but I'm feeling the start of a cold coming on. So instead, I hunkered down with cough drops and a good book today. Glad I at least did some stuff yesterday!

YTD: 27 pages
Completed this weekend: 5 pages (Saturday)
Total: 32 pages (As of today I should be at 39, but I'm close!)
(Sorry for the flash on some of these!)

I had these Scenic Route pages tucked away specifically for Brady's T-Ball pictures. I decided I better just use them now instead of waiting to get those other pics developed. It was all in a pack I bought last September at the Scrapbook Expo. The chipboard pieces I roughed up with a nail file and I love the result!

I used his little "Players Card" on this, it's so cute!

The next page I did was with free product! I signed up for a class at my local scrapbook store, and got some free stuff from the guys at My Minds Eye. It was their class I was signing up for, so with the free pages and embellies, I got a free book as well! I loved this paper and didn't want to horde it like I normally do. These pics of the kids with Laci are from Thanksgiving in 07 when we visited them in Oregon.

I wasn't sure how I liked this after it was all done, but I liked the paper and wanted to do something out of my comfort zone. This is definitely out of my zone and not the bright colors I would normally choose.

This last one was actually one I did with a scrapbook group a year or so ago. We would all meet at Jen's house, pay $10 and she would have the pages all designed, so all we had to do was stick everything together, and just add photos at home. So technically, this was a done page, but until I added the photos, journaling, and that little metal wasn't really done. So, I'm counting it! I totally messed up on the journaling on the top, but oh well, that's what makes it special, is that it's my own handwriting, and Gwynie can look back on it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

End of the Month...365 Challenge Update

As I'd mentioned previously, I've challenged myself to make 365 scrapbook pages for this year. We were in Florida on vacation for two weeks, so this weekend I had to play a little bit of catch up!

YTD: 13 pages
Completed today: 14 pages
Total: 27 pages

Since I do the same pages for each of my kids I'm counting those as an additional set of pages. Here are 7 pages, but remember it's still 14 to me! I'm a little short this month, but I might still end up with a few more after dinner tonight... ;)

These were from a Blaze football game, the amateur team here in Utah. I used a pagemaps sketch for this layout, but changed just a few things to fit my pics and title.

I had started the "Dew Tour" set last September, but ran out of washers. I finished up Gwynie's set, and then did all of Brady's today. These were the longest layouts ever, I swear. Just all the little embellishements took forever! Also, I used silver brads, but they look quite brassy in these pics.

For any supplies, just ask!