Friday, January 2, 2009

365 Challenge...Am I Ready??!!

Yesterday I went to my local scrapbook store for a free crop. I got quite a bit done so I was happy I went, even though I had to go by myself! I've made a goal for myself to do the 365 Challenge...365 layouts in the year 2009. Essentially a layout a day, but in my case, it will probably be done on weekends, or midnight crops! I started off the first day of the year with a good start - 12 layouts! It's technically 6 pages, but I do the same pages (with different pictures) for each of my kids' scrapbooks. So I'm counting it as 12 because it's the same amount of time/effort/materials of 12 layouts. Ok, enough of the explanation...on with the pages! I'm not going to include supplies used on these, comment if you really want to know!

First are the pages from a U of U Girls Basketball game. I still have to add the journaling, but I was my daughter's Girl Scout troop leader and we did an Adopt-A-Player event where we went to the game and got to do a Q&A session with the girls afterwards. I'm including each kids' layouts because the pics are different! We bought Jake and Brady tickets so they could come too, and of course Brady cozied right up with the girls! On the second page in the layouts, I made a pocket for their signed programs and extra pics of the game.

And the next set is from 2006 when we went to Oregon for my sister Laci's wedding. We spent a day going to the Redwood Forest and then playing on the coast. I still need to journal these all as well. I'll put these so the main page is on top, and then where there is a different pic, I'll add that one underneath the main layout. I just can't leave either kid out, hehe.
I crammed a ton of pics on these 4 pages, but I still left a large amount of scenery pics out. I've been trying to use more of the 'page' on each scrapbook page instead of just doing 2 or 3 pics on each page, and I think these worked out pretty well. Also, some of the layers (esp. on the 4th one) don't show up as well...oh well!

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