Sunday, July 6, 2008


Well it took all day yesterday, but I finally got all my stamp sets cataloged. I cut white cardstock into 4x6 cards, stamped all my sets on the cards and then put them into one of those 4x6 flip photo albums. So all said and done I have 83 stamp sets (and my wrist and thumb are killing me from all the stamping and cleaning them after). I had no clue I had that many, but after 3 years of hosting parties, getting free stuff, and attending them, I was bound to get a good collection going. Surprisingly, I only have 2 baby sets! I still have about 50+ individual sets to stamp, mainly ones I've picked up at Michael’s and about 40 wheels to add to my book. That can definitely wait though, my wrist is on fire. What's sad, and I've known this all along, is that there are sets I've never even used, or images in a stamp set that I haven't used. Most of those are my free sets though so I guess it's not that bad. Just don't let my husband know! Anyways, here are some of the cards that went into my book! I scanned them in so kept the cards butted together, so just imagine individual cards.

1. The top image (All Natural) was a set that retired well over a year ago, and this is the first time I have ever used it. When it retired I knew I had to have it because it was so cute. I got it at a discount from my demonstrator because she was selling anything that retired since she couldn't demonstrate it anymore.

The bottom image (Priceless) is a new set I got in March. I have been using it a lot lately, probably because its so new. I also have the wheel that matches it and I love, love, love this set.

2. The top image is a free hostess only set (Cause for Celebration) I got in March. This is a set that will be handy to have cataloged because it has so many things in it. Since getting it, I've used the "t" that has thanks on the inside and the wedding cake one for a gift card for my cousins wedding. There are a ton of cute images in here, but I don't know when I'll ever use them. Again a good reason to catalog because I might be inspired by it one day.

The bottom image is another favorite set of mine (Bugs & Kisses). I got this maybe a year, year and a half ago. I haven't ever used the dragonfly or the snail, but everything else I've used to make birthday cards and I used the worm to make candy holders full of gummy worms. I've also used it on a scrapbook page for Brady.

3. The top image has two words sets, combining them because of size and they are the same type of set. The first one (Lots of Thoughts) was a free Sell-A-Bration set I got in March. Never used it, but I know eventually I will. The second one (Tiny Talk) was one of my first stamp sets in 2005. I used it a ton for a couple years and kind of forgot I even had it. It has so many cute sayings so I'm glad I won't forget about this one now!

The bottom image is another combined card. These both were also sets I bought my first year 2005, and I hardly ever use them. Its a pain to use a little teeny stamp to make a whole background. Maybe I just need to be more creative in how I use them. But they are both so stinkin cute I love them. (Itty Bitty Backgrounds) is the first one and (Beyond the Basics) is the second one.

4. The top image (and I've left room in case of a set small enough and that is similar in type comes along) was another free SAB set from 2007. I've only ever used the lollipop stamp and that was actually last month when I was making swap cards. I love every single image, but because they are so small I think I get stumped on how to incorporate them into a larger card. *mental note to look for cute ideas*

The bottom image was another set I got in my first year. It's actually two stamp sets, the base one has the jar, lid, baggie, fish, frog, stem and flower (All Wrapped Up and AWU Acc.). The other little ones were in the accessory set. But you can't have one without the other. I always have to match my sets (like if a set has a matching wheel I must own it or its incomplete) and this is no exception. I've played around with this set a lot, but I think I've only made two cards with it. One with the frog in the jar, and one with the fish in the bag and I used this crystal effects to make it shiny like water.

So I'm really glad its done and I think it will help me really see what sets I have and what I want to use to make cards!

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